The Best Properties

Myrtle Grand Annual Rentals makes sure that we manage the best properties on the Grand Strand. If you are living in a Myrtle Grand annual rental you can be sure your home will be Grand!

Close To The Lifestyle

All Myrtle Grand Annual Rentals properties are close to all of the attractions and excitement of Myrtle Beach. Living in our annual rentals will feel like a full time vacation.

One Amazing & Growing Community

Through traveler feedback and industry research of, Myrtle Beach was recognized as one of the Top East Coast Beaches based on a variety of factors, including access to restaurants, attractions, lifestyle and of course scenery.

Myrtle Grand Annual Rentals

Myrtle Grand Vacations is well established in the North Myrtle Beach area. It is our mission to be the standard of excellence in all aspects of the long terms rental services with an uncompromising commitment to providing the highest level of ethics and professionalism. We do this by our unparallel service, high impact marketing efforts and good old fashioned hard work. We manage individual properties for owners who live all over the country. If you have a home in this area and would like to receive a steady income on a long term basis, please give us a call. We will also be happy to discuss vacation rental policies with you. Many of our properties serve a dual purpose as a long-term rental and vacation rental.

All properties for long-term purposes, unless specified by the owner, are advertised as requiring a one year lease, no smoking, and no pets. If a potential tenant needs less than a year, we contact the owner for authorization as well as authorization for any pets involved.